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How to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Opera Browser

Since the domination of Android as mobilephone operating system, most of us are accustomed to Google Chrome. This has forced us to use Google Chrome on our desktops and laptops as well. So, Opera browser is not the first choice […]

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Why I’m NOT Installing Kaspersky Free Antivirus on My Computer

Yesterday, I shared the news about the release of Kaspersky Free Antivirus for you to win back your heart. I think it is a good move by one of the best antivirus company but it is also very late because […]


Using Microsoft Edge for Internet, Here is Keyboard Shortcut Keys List

Microsoft Edge is totally a new browser for exploring internet. Not new when writing this article but new from Microsoft because they haven’t released any other browser after this. And they are not gonna release any new browser for next […]

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How to Fix External Hard Drive Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Sometime, plugged in external hard disk keeps restarting. In other words, the hard disk disconnects after a few minutes and then reconnect and the loop keeps on doing so. This process can only be stopped if the external hard disk […]

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How to Get Free Lifetime “SecureAPlus” Security Suite License Key

I have recently seen on many websites and forums sharing some promo codes and license for SecureAPlus security suite. I am writing this post only to make sure that you can get one year free protection without any registration. You […]

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How to Change Virtual Memory Size in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1

There are two types of memory in any computer: Volatile memory and nonVolatile memory. Volatile memory, needs electricity to keep the information, is like RAM (Random Access Memory), DRAM (Dynamic RAM), etc. Non-volatile memory, stores information even there is no […]

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How to: Download Old Version of Plugin From WordPress Plugin Repository

WordPress updates frequently and so the plugins are being updated to keep pace with WP update cycle. But sometime, for some reason, the older version of the plugin is needed to be installed manually. [There is also automatic rollback┬áto install […]