Free Android Apps Banner November 12 2018

ASA’s Sailing Challenge, Knot, Cartoon Craft, Total 15 FREE Android Apps @GooglePlay

Hey sailors, you busy in life and have no time for sailing? Worry not, here is official ASA’s Sailing Challenge app for free for you. You can practice your sailing on the app when not in the water. So, you […]

Free Android Apps Banner November 10 2018

FREE Apps for Android: uFile, eJuice Calculator, Icon Packs, Games, Dragon Clock – 15 Total FREE Apps @GooglePlay

There are so many great and feature rich file managers available on Google Play for free but we still want to get the one which costs money. For example, File Manager by ASUS, which is totally free, is the best […]

Mosalingua Language Learning App Banner

Learn French with MosaLingua App for FREE @GooglePlay

Today, finally, I decided to download Learn French with MosaLingua app from Google Play. I will have some free time on my hands and I think this will be a good time to dig into a new language. Are you thinking to […]

Android Dealz Banner November 6, 2018

Android Dealz: Face Animator, CastBack, Colors, Scanner, Icon Packs, JPEG Optimizer and 19 Total Apps for FREE @GooglePlay

A few days back, my sister sent me her pics of unusual eyes. The eyes were big and the face was slim. My first thought was she is sick. I asked her if she is sick. She told me there […]

Android Pie Logo

Android Dealz: BMI Calculator, Speccy, Voice Recorder, Game Calculator and 11 More Apps for FREE @GooglePlay

Are you worrying about your body mass, worry not. I have got you. Here we have BMI calculator for free right now on Google Play. Other than that, there are 14 more apps for free right now. Factually, there are […]

Protector App for Parental Control & Child Lock Banner

“Protector” App for Parental Control & Child Lock FREE on Google Play [was €3.99]

Kids of our time are very intelligent and think beyond the limits. And when these kids get the most astonishing tools (Android) and world (Internet) to play with, you cannot limit them. I believe this that no matter how much […]

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic app banner

FREE Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic @amazon for Germany Austria Liechtenstein Switzerland Luxembourg

Right now Amazon is giving away FREE Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for Android devices for the residents of Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Luxembourg. I tried to get this app with Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian IP addresses but […]

android screenshot pro app banner

Download Android Screenshot Pro App Free @GooglePlay [was €2.49]

Android Screenshot Pro App is a high-speed screenshot photography and optimal for consecutive captures. The screen capture app optimized for taking consecutive screen shots and capturing multiple moments in quick succession from video playbacks in YouTube, etc. It can cut […]

Android Dealz Banner October 8 2018

Android Dealz: Protect Note Pro, Formula Solver, Dictionary & 9 More Apps

Today, in Android Dealz, we have a couple of interesting and more useful apps than other Android apps. But all this interest and usefulness of any app depends upon the user’s needs. It is that the app I do not […]