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Hi, my computer life was started in 2001 when my younger brother bought his first computer. My first successful installation of Windows XP was in 2003. I did Bachlor in System Management, Master in Computer Sciences and Master in Business and Information Technology.
I have keen interest in new technology advancements in every field. I have also studied Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Philosophy, etc. during college studies. I want to study and research in field of Usability and Accessibility.
Blogging is my hobby and I like it.


I’m a normal young man who is interested in computers, IT and technologies. I first know about computers since I was still a kid, but it was only three years ago that I took learning computer seriously. As i believe that all people had the rights to share and receive what they know and what they want to know, I hope that my three years of full computing experience and interests will be enough to share with all who are interested in computers, IT and technology. Right now besides studying and doing part-time work, I am managing my own tech blog, Digital Plexus as well as being guest writer on Computelogy.

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