Why I’m NOT Installing Kaspersky Free Antivirus on My Computer

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Yesterday, I shared the news about the release of Kaspersky Free Antivirus for you to win back your heart. I think it is a good move by one of the best antivirus company but it is also very late because of other free antiviruses have already captured the market. Avira and Avast are my favorite free antiviruses programs but these are not the reason I am not installing Kaspersky Free Antivirus. For me, there are two reasons to avoid Kaspersky, which I will explain in coming text.

Kaspersky has almost 400 million users worldwide. It can be bought via internet as well as in local stores across the globe. Such a big user base is a lot of data for the Russian government just from one source. Why shouldn’t they get that? In the start of this month, you have read, on different news sites, about the relations between Kaspersky and Russian spy agency FSB. In case if you do not know, Kaspersky originates from Russia. So, it should not be a surprised if they are working with FSB. Most probably, they are compelled to do so by law.

I also do not use any antivirus on my computer from United States and United Kingdom for the same reason I do not use Kaspersky. Why should I be sharing my data again and again with these mostly un-welcomed governments. Google has my data, that’s enough.

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The other reason I am not going to use Kaspersky Free Antivirus is incompatibility issue with other best security software like free Comodo Firewall. Comodo Firewall is the best firewall for Windows computers. I know by facts that, if only Windows Defender along with Comodo Firewall is running, you do not need any other security software at all. To strengthen the protection against intruders and malwares, a third party antivirus can be used, but that’s optional. For example, I have Malwarebytes AntiMalware Premium installed. So, my combo is free Comodo Firewall, Windows Defender and Malwarebytes AntiMalware Premium. I do not need anymore security.

kaspersky incompatible software detection

Kaspersky Free Antivirus is a simple antivirus and it provides no features of a firewall. So, it should be compatible with other firewalls. Haven’t we used other free antiviruses and have we seen any compatibility issues of such nature? I do not think so. If Kaspersky cannot run beside my Comodo firewall, I do not need Kaspersky at all. Making Kaspersky Free Antivirus compatible with Comodo Firewall is a big plus for it. Enough said.

You may be saying Comodo is also a USA company. Well, sometime exception has to made.

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10 Responses

  1. Bruce Fraser says:

    You are a self-proclaimed expert on firewalls, and anoint Comodo as the best firewall in the Windows world. Your credentials are superior to the folks at PCMag.com, who give the Editor’s Choice to Zone Alarm?

    • Perti says:

      I have never claimed to be firewall’s expert. I am just a learner and try to learn something new everyday by testing things.
      BTW, there is hell of difference between ZoneAlarm Firewall Free and Comodo Firewall Free. Comodo firewall is more features rich and configurable than ZoneAlarm Firewall. It would be nice if you share pcmag.com’s link regarding ZoneAlarm Firewall and Comodo Firewall. I would love to learn something new, if there is any.

  2. MerleOne says:

    Not sure I will either, the paid version used to slow down a lot every PC I tested it with.

    • Perti says:

      Hello Merle, I do have experience of sluggish Kaspersky but that was many years ago. I haven’t tested it since a few years for my personal computer. I believe your experience with Kaspersky is very valuable for us.

  3. Bruce Fraser says:

    Hi Perti,
    Every year PCMag.com does it’s “Best Free Software” issue. Here is the link to the 2017 page for firewalls: https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2487049,00.asp#firewalls. Comodo is certainly one of the top recommendations, but not THE top.
    That honour goes to ZoneAlarm. Here is their review of it: https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2455972,00.asp.

    • Perti says:

      Hello Bruce,
      Thanks for the links. The author is very experienced person and he does his job as profession. Unfortunately, there was nothing new for me.
      When someone rate some product, there is always a list to follow. They have rated the products but I do not see any list to be followed? What was the rating criteria? Did I miss anything or was the commission working there?
      I read both articles and I found the Comodo Firewall article is biased. You will see the reference of Comodo Antivirus multiple times, while the post is not about antivirus. He is trying to downgrade antivirus unseemingly while talking about firewall. Why is it? You will also see MRG reference but you do not see that in ZoneAlarm post. Strange? There are other parts in the article where he has tried to downgrade Comodo. When talking about ZoneAlarm deficiency, the words are very polite. There is lot more but this much is enough.
      I am not promoting Comodo and ZoneAlarm. I just write what I experience. Also, I am not affiliated to any of the products. So, I cannot be biased because I have no financial interests.
      Thanks again for taking your time on weekend to inform me. I really appreciate it.
      P.S. do you know mostly I am paying from my own pocket to keep this blog alive?

      UPDATE: If you see toptenreviews, you will find Kaspersky as promoted and their verdict are different than PCMag. I told you it all financial interests.

  4. Jezz says:

    Your main reason for not using Kaspersky is truly terrible when you admit to using other US based security products by Comodo and Malwarebytes. Do you know how much data they are collecting compared to Kaspersky or any other products you refuse to use?

    • Perti says:

      Hello Jezz,
      I said already, one country have my data and that’s enough for me. I wish I could control that but I cannot.
      Collection of data by Malwarebytes is not harmful for user as it does not identify the person but the region only. Comodo said here,”Personal information is collected from customers only after obtaining consent, which is obtained when customers are prompted for information when subscribing to the services, by using a Comodo website, downloading a product, or requesting further information. Personally-identifiable information is not collected when a user simply browses the website”.
      I exactly do not know how much data they are collecting other than what they describe in their Privacy Policy / Data Collection Policy. When we use services from Google, Apple, Microsoft, or any other company; you do know where our data goes. OK! this is official data collection.
      You may also know that in USA privacy is shit compared to other advanced countries in the world. Companies pays dollars, not cents, to get your information. You can check your value here.

  5. Jezz says:

    @Perti, although I understand your point, it is hypocritical to ignore other antivirus or security software if you do not know exactly what it is or isn’t collecting. As you’ve just said you do not know what Comodo or Malwarebytes are collecting in full either. Nobody truly knows what Kaspersky is collecting apart from rumors and hearsay, The same goes for other US based and other vendors from around the world (like China or eastern Europe). For something like this, you either place similar amounts of trust in all those you don’t fully know about or you place no trust in all of them, somewhere in the middle is an even bigger risk.

    Did you also know that Microsoft says in its terms it is allowed to sell the data it collects to 3rd parties as well? There have been stories this year that Windows telemetry data has already been sold to companies from other countries. Microsoft is allowed to collect some quite specific data and that could already be in the hands of several other countries besides the USA. So if you are using Windows, your data is likely far more widespread around the world than you care to think.

    • Perti says:

      Hi Jezz,

      I agree but I have to believe Comodo and Malwarebytes. The reason is we haven’t heard anything suspicious about these two companies, or maybe it is not leaked yet. Yes, I agree, no one knows what data been collected by Kaspersky. May be it is just a rival-paid story. May be the article is sponsored by some American agency. There are lots of “may-bees”. I think we are better with what we have as long as we believe in that or at least acceptable.

      For very long time, Microsoft has collected my personal data but not anymore. Since sometime, I am using Linux Mint on my personal computer. Still, whenever, I use email, my data goes through google or microsoft servers. This is corporate world. We are commodities. The concept global village is gone. We are just ignoring the reality.

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