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I did not want to do it but I have to. I have to move away from my current hosting provider to a new one. Currently, I am using Godaddy but I will move to Moving away from Godaddy has many reasons. Why GoDaddy hosting is bad for me? I will tell you in the following paragraphs. But before talking about reasons, let me tell you that our new domain is All the data has already been migrated to the new domain. This is the last post here. All new posts will be on our new site

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Now I am looking for a good 301 redirect solution. I want auto 301 redirect. I do not want to edit .htaccess file for each link, I am looking for automatic solution. Do you know any free plugin? will be ready in one week. This post is the last on After this, all posts will be on

So, why GoDaddy hosting is bad? Why I am moving away from GoDaddy is based on a few reasons. The most important reason is the SSL, and then hosting packages, security, server hacks, slow site load, and some other reasons.

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Now, let’s see in a little more detail why GoDaddy hosting is bad for me. I have used GoDaddy for almost seven years. It is a long long time.

The first major reason to move away from GoDaddy is SSL security availability and price. In starter package, there is no SSL available on GoDaddy. Many hosting providers are offering free SSL but GoDaddy. For example, and provides SSL for all packages. GoDaddy charges 60+ Euros for SSL for one year while it is free on many others. I cannot spend that amount yearly if I can get it free.

Right now, I am using basic package on GoDaddy. During last couple of years, GoDaddy updated their hosting structure and all basic package users were asked to upgrade the hosting manually. That’s what I was told by one helper. It should be GoDaddy’s job to upgrade to new structure because they are the one changing, not me. The process should be automated but, NO, I have to download the whole data and then upload again. I was also told this. If I have to spend hours for this job, I must do it for better outcome. So, moving away from GoDaddy is better.

There are more reasons behind why GoDaddy hosting is bad. One is hacks. During my stay at GoDaddy, I have faced hacks at least 3 times. One of them was server hack. Two other times was some code injection. I check my log and I do not find anyone logging in or breaching So, the hack is done on the server and not just my site. Just recently, I wrote a piece of article about why search engines stopped indexing That was not possible without taking control of server.

The site load time is the most annoying in all GoDaddy services. This is one of the major reason why GoDaddy hosting is bad. is super fast. period. data will be processed on SSD. Why should I keep using GoDaddy’s snail drives? Comparatively, is cheaper when it comes to data process and usage.

If you are using GoDaddy and you want better for you at same price, move away from GoDaddy. There are thousands hosting providers, you can find better one. I should have stopped using GoDaddy when it was supporting SOPA and before that the animal rights issue.

You can find hundreds of posts on Google telling you why GoDaddy is bad. The above reasons is my experience with GoDaddy. You might have yours.

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10 Responses

  1. Sujay Ghosh says:

    Let me tell you Perti. GoDaddy, 1&1 are good only for domains but not for hosting. You should switch to hosting providers who specialize in it. Webhostingtalk is a great forum which discusses about many such sites which you will not find in those “top10besthosting” kind of blog posts. I use x10premium and is happy. You can choose stablehost, crocweb, hawkhost which are rated highly by many forum members.

    Btw, why did you switch to this new domain?

    I feel htaccess is the best way for 301 redirect and I think the last problem you had with htaccess could have caused by some malicious/mal-performing SEO plugin.

    • Perti says:

      Hi Sujay,
      Thanks for the valuable comment and thanks for taking your precious time.
      You are absolutely right about hosting providers. I should have never gone to GoDaddy for hosting but, you know, sometime Google is perfect to give wrong guidance. I will keep your piece of advice in my mind for my next project or if I wanted to migrate again. 😉
      I exactly have no idea why I did switch to new domain. May be ComputeLogy is not in any dictionary, maybe it is difficult to remember, maybe it is very long name for a website. When i have to tell someone verbally about the ComputeLogy, I have to spell it for the person. ThePerti is easy to remember and shorter than recommended length name, recommended length is 9 words.
      I did that htaccess thingy. It is working fine.
      Thanks again for the time and advice.
      UPDATE: No, that code was not from any SEO. I have used only 3 SEO plugins so far. One is All in ONe SEO, and SEO Framework and now Yoast SEO. The code was from .htaccess hack. I, somehow, believe that GoDaddy involved in that. I have no proof.

      • Sujay Ghosh says:

        Dear Perti,
        Thanks for your reply. 🙂

        I think you should have a solid reason in place for switching from ComputeLogy. A brand name is not easy to build. Even if your website is not listed in any Directory or was dropped from search results for a while, you did years of hard work in establishing your site (and its name). For software deal hunters (I am one), ‘ComputeLogy’ has always been a top choice because of its genuineness. ‘ComputeLogy’ has become a brand because of those hard works of yours. I do not feel that the name “ComputeLogy” is hard to pronounce, or is too large (11 vs 8 in theperti).

        One decent reason for switching could be the shift in focus. ComputeLogy gives an impression about all things related to computer. But since you now also write about mobile platforms (Android and iOS) the change is somewhat logical.

        Btw, the website looks cool. 🙂

        I too dislike GoDaddy hosting. I purchased a 5 years hosting package for my blog but didn’t use it more than 1 year because of slow site speed, frequent downtimes, bad reputations of the shared IPs. After completion of the 5 years period, I didn’t renew, and is regularly being spammed by GoDaddy support to tell the reasons, even after disabling the Phone support.

        • Perti says:

          Hi Sujay,

          I always try to reply, but sometime I forget. 😉

          Now you gave me solid reason to change the name. Maybe someday I will become full time blogger. I have planned some other topics to include but do not have enough time. But whatever, your reason is best for me.

          Also thanks for the trust you have on ComputeLogy and my work. The trust is what kept me working on ComputeLogy, or I might have left blogging long time ago. I will consider ComputeLogy more as identity than brand. But, the name was unique when created in 2008.

          You do not feel the pronunciation of ComputeLogy is difficult because you are used to it.

          I guess I was too lazy to shift my host, but this time I did. I have bookmarked the host you mentioned in previous comment. I hope to host next project there. Let’s forget nightmare at GoDaddy.


          • Sujay Ghosh says:

            Changing host used to be tedious process, but now most hosts allow you to assist with free and easy cPanel to cPanel migration. Should you choose to use a new host next time, don’t forget to visit webhostingtalk, because all the hosts mentioned by me and many others offer webhostingtalk exclusive offers, which can only be found on that forum.

        • samkar says:

          I agree with Sujay that ComputeLogy brand name should be retained. It was build over the years and gained trust amongst one and all.

          • Perti says:

            You guys are so insisting. 🙂 OK! I will not ComputeLogy let go, But right now, I need to redirect all the traffic to this


            • samkar says:

              thanks for the consideration.
              I hope the email subscriptions from ComputeLogy would be migrated to ThePerti, or do I need to re-subscribe?
              I do not want to miss any of your posts.

              Regards, Grr

              • Perti says:

                Hello Sam (Grr),
                I do not know right now what I should do with RSS. The RSS apps on Android and iOS are very intelligent, that they don’t need RSS feeds anymore. Just put the website address and the app will fetch all the updates.
                Thanks for liking the posts, though I know I am not a good writer at all.

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