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Kaspersky Free Antivirus Released to Win Back Lost Customers

kaspersky antivirus free main window

Now finally, Kaspersky has released a free version of its famous paid antivirus. Kaspersky ran a beta test version for its antivirus for more than a year in nordic countries and a few asian countries. After long testing period, still it is not available to the whole world. Some areas are getting it before others. Below image can explain it which country and areas are getting it when.

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This Kaspersky Free Antivirus is very limited in its features being offered. If offers you real time scanner, web scanner, IM message scanner and mail scanner. Yes, there is automatic updater as well. Avast Antivirus Free, AVG Free Antivirus, Panda Antivirus Free, Comodo Free Antivirus, Qihoo 360 (360 Total Security) and others offer a lot more features in free antivirus suits. I am not sure if this free antivirus offer is gonna help Kaspersky. They might be able to get some leftover, if there is any.

I am not going to use Kaspersky Antivirus Free right now. May be later some far time in future. You can get it here go-to-website-107 x 18-computelogy-com.

  • MerleOne

    Seems available in France…

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