You have seen I only use Google AdSense now to meet the expenses of ComuteLogy hosting. All extra bucks goes to charity like Red Cross. I was used to have infolinks inline ads. I removed infolinks ads because of two reasons: threat of malicious website link and slowing down the website load speed.

I never thought of same from Google Adsense. But for sometime, I have noticed that Google AdSense is showing ads directing hidden malware tools.

For many years I have used Google AdSense. In fact, I have always preferred it because of multiple reason. Some are high payout, timely payout, a huge selection of ads design, biggest ad agency, great documentation and many other reasons.

There were so many irrelative ads like dating ads were running on ComputeLogy. I blocked those ads because there was no relation between the text and the ad. Google admits that ads are contextual based. I have never talked about dating websites. Even I have never opened any dating website in my Google Chrome. How come these dating ads are contextual?

So, I blocked these Russian, Chinese, and other dating ads. Before these dating ads, there were other ads like Download bla bla, map ads, pdf ads, and similar type of ads. When dating ads started showing, the other ads stopped showing on ComputeLogy. Now dating ads gone, these other ads came back.

google adsense mysterious ads

One day, I wanted to check the ads which was advertising some PDF tool. I open the ad link from my Google AdSense account. So, instead of showing any PDF tool, the outcome of the ad wanted me to download some toolbar. One other ad is talking about driver update. I checked the weblink to what that ad targeting too and my Malwarebytes instantly blocked that webpage.

An other ad is claiming easy login to a number of email accounts including gMail, Yahoo mail, AOL mail, etc. When I tried to use that service, they also asked me to download some chrome extension. Another decade old ad is back. This ad tell that you are millionth visitor to this site and there is a gift for you. Clicking on this ad takes you to some suspiciou survey.

There must be more obscure ads in Google AdSense ads pipeline. I am gonna check and disable as much as possible if not all. Also that, I can only understand English and Finnish languages. The inappropriate ads in any other language, you need to tell me.

I am using Google AdSense on ComputeLogy and I am telling it loud what ads are suspicious. You may not find many writes or bloggers shouting it loud to spread awareness. It may also possible that AdSense team asks me to remove ads from this post. And I will have to comply if they say so.