First Time Ever FREE: Ashampoo Snap Business 10 License Key & Download Installer

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I am happened to be very lazy, even though I always finish my task before time ends, I could never start on time. Now look at this promo of Ashampoo Snap Business 10 [latest at the time of writing this article]. I discovered the promo link more than two weeks ago but could never write about it. What could be a person lazier than this that I could not write for 2 weeks, though I know that Ashampoo Snap Business 10 has never been shared as freebie or giveaway before (according to my knowledge) and I did not write about it.

I discovered this promo of Ashampoo Snap Business 10 along with Ashampoo Snap Business 9 which I shared two weeks ago. I think, that promo was also the first time ever when Ashampoo Snap Business 9 was shared as freebie. I have happy feelings and also of some proudness because of my blogging work. You guys know that I have been the first discoverer and announcer of freebies for hundreds of times, though not recently and just told you why in previous paragraph. OK, now I go to the topic of this article. [Update: I am feeling sorry for not sharing it when I discovered it. For some reason, when I have some freebie not discovered before, I want to share asap. /Update]

One more thing that you should get Ashampoo Snap Business 10 asap if you want to have it or wanna give it a try. It can be used for home use as well as for business. Ashampoo does not pull the strings of the promo unless the promo time is over. I do not know what they will do with this promo links because, as I said earlier, Ashampoo Snap Business 10 has never been shared in any giveaway or freebie before. So, get it while you can before it’s too late. Also, if you like share this article on your favorite social network or by words of mouth, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. No obligation.

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Ashampoo Snap Business 10 does all the things what Ashampoo Snap 10 can do but also have some extra features. Ashampoo® Snap Business is tailored to fit seamlessly into your business environment. It add your design, logo and watermark + copyright notice to protect your corporate identity and intellectual property. For tighter network integration, it will also add the ability to upload screenshots and videos to a predefined network address like Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive ,and ownCloud, if desired. I do not want to waste your time anymore so you can read more about Ashampoo Snap Business 10 HERE.

You must have your account on Ashampoo portal if you want Ashampoo Snap Business 10 license key. The account is totally free but necessary.

CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE to go to Ashampoo Snap Business 10 promo page. Just type your email in the textbox and press button texted Request Full Version Key. The webpage will reload.


You will see your license key for Ashampoo Snap Business 10 on the same webpage and it will also send to your email address. [You may get a license request confirmation email from Ashampoo. I do not remember this now as I processed it two weeks ago]. You can also see your license key in your Ashampoo portal.


Download Ashampoo Snap Business 10 from HERE. Install it and register it with your license key. It may ask your Ashampoo account info during registration.


Enjoy your free copy of Ashampoo Snap Business 10. BTW, I have discovered many more links of Ashampoo Snap Business 10 promo. Is not it wonderful?

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6 Responses

  1. hackisack says:

    Thank you for sharing this giveaway! I’m glad it still works, even though you forgot to post it for so long
    Snap 10 is, as of now, the latest version, so it’s a rare occasion! 🙂

  2. Aakoa says:

    Where are you get this info?? it’s awesome. recently, I got the Ashampoo snap business 9 but now I have installed this newer version, 2 times download & install the Ashampoo product. hahaha . but thanks 🙂

    • Perti says:

      You are welcome Aakoa. Good, you are updating your software.
      This is my own discovery. In fact, I think, I know how the Ashampoo promo links works. Finding new links takes some time but it’s interesting.

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