The wait is over. Thousands of people who were holding their money to buy one special thing can now make their pocket feather-light. Today, Apple has announced its new coming tablet named iPad. Yes, it will only be called iPad without any numbering like iPad 2. This new iPad has Retina display at 2,048 x 1,536 pixels which is almost double than iPad 2. New iPad also has A5X quad-core graphics processor with built-in GPU. It is carrying 5mp rear camera with ability of 1080p HD video capturing ability.  Many good things but one that Siri is not ported to new iPad officially, yet. Do not worry, there is speech recognition in iPad.

New iPad’s A5X processor with quad-core graphics processing makes it easy to brighten each pixel on Retina display. Remember! there are 3.1 million pixels on that 2,048 x 1,536 pixels Retina display.

The new iPad can be connected at really high speed of 70Mbps at 4G LTE networks. It sports 20 Mbps HSPA+, 40Mbps DC-HSDPA and 70Mbps LTE. iPad can act as personal hotspot if the carrier is supporting it. The new iPad supports fast cellular networks the world over — up to 4G LTE. So you can browse the web, stream content, or download a movie at blazing-fast speeds. It also works on GSM/UMTS worldwide network technologies including HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA — the fastest 3G networks out there. You’ll see downlink speeds up to 42 Mbps with DC-HSDPA and up to 21.1 Mbps with HSPA+.

iPad has 5mp rear iSight camera which can record video in full 1080p HD. It has face detection which will make it easy to set focus automatically. Do you remember Nokia 808 PureView 41MP camera and they said, its megapixels have megapixels? Apple has just taunt it on their website praising their 5MP camera with “Megapixels matter. But the quality of a photo is determined by other things, too — like the camera’s optics, image signal processor, and software …“.

Battery life varies between 9 to 10 hours depending on use. They say 10 hours battery life for reading, playing (what?), watching, writing and creating (?) on iPad. So, which apps they used to test the battery life. Is it like automobiles claiming let’s say 30Km in one gallon under suitable conditions.

iPad design is almost same except a minor thickness. It is  still 9.5 x 7.31 x 0.37 inches in dimensions. It weighs at 1.5 pounds.

With the announcement of price of new iPad, many rumors were just dean. New iPad will be sold on the same price as was old iPad 2. The iPad 16GB will cost $499, 32GB will cost $599 and 64GB will cost $699. Adding 4G LTE support will increase the prices by $130 of each iPad. So, with LTE support the new prices will be iPad 16GB costs $629, 32GB costs $729 and 64GB costs $829.

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