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Monthly RoundUp: January 2012 Articles Overview

One more month is passed. There are two views about time passing. One says that we lived one more month, the other says one month is wiped from our life time. Well, no discussion about it. If you are new here, for your information that we have started this Monthly RoundUp to tell you about all the articles published during the very last month. This is a good way to tell you what you have missed if you have. This is also some sort of warning for us what we need to do more. Previously, during many months, shareware promos were at top and that was the most discussed topic. But in recently passed month, January 2012, we changed the tone and tried to share freewares as well as some tips and tricks about Windows OS and also tried to discuss hardware. This Monthly RoundUp is also good for new-comers because then they can know previously what have been shared on ComputeLogy. Clicking on any topic will take you to the article opened in new browser window.

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