Game Driver 4 Parallel Lines Free For Limited Time

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4 Responses

  1. Xi says:

    My friend got the promo key. However, she doesn’t want to waste time in downloading from McGame since she is not clear of the download[in parts]will be multilingual[incl. EN] or only German? Could u pls confirm?

    • Perti says:

      Sorry Xi, I cannot confirm it now. The article is very old and I do not have particular data anymore.

      • Xi says:

        My friend finally downloaded and it is Multilingual setup. However, he couldn’t play as he was using Win8.1 and the game didn’t start even when run in compatibility mode. It says “Incompatible Program – Detected”. Please help.

        • Perti says:

          When it says Incompatible Program, it may also ask you to check online solution. Let your Windows do it. I do not have this game anymore. You use Windows compatibility mode or google it. There should be some patch to get it run on Windows 8.1.

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