Free CyberGhost Classic VPN 1 Year With All Emsisoft Products 40% Off

One famous Windows security software vendor is Emsi Software GmbH and we have partnered with them to provide you all Emsisoft security products like Anti-Malware, Online Armor Premium Firewall and Emsisoft Internet Security 2012 at very low prices compared to normal prices. All Emsisoft products available at 40% discount, when you go through our website, no matter how many years license you purchase. And not only this but you will also get one year free subscription to CyberGhost Classic VPN which will cost you €50 if you buy it separately. In fact, they are offering CyberGhost Classic VPN one year free when you buy Emsisoft security products at normal price, but as I have told you buying from us will save you fortune 40%.

Since the start of ComputeLogy, we have shared computer security software promos more than any other famous tech blog. On number of occasions, we have to spend hard earned fortune just to let you get security software free of cost as shareware promo aka Freebies. We have always advised you, and proven by different antivirus test reports, that use at least two antimalwares, one is regular antivirus (preferably free antivirus) like AVG, Avira, Avast with helping antimalware like Emsisoft Anti-Malware to get maximum security which you deserve. No matter even if you use shareware like Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee, BitDefender or any other, you still need helper like Emsisoft Anti-Malware.

Though AntiViruses save you from malwares locally but they do not promise your privacy on internet. To have internet privacy, we use VPN services. CyberGhost Classic VPN is best suited for a home or small business who wants internet privacy. By using CyberGhost VPN, network data sniffer can not get a single bit of your data because the whole data is encrypted using 128bit SSL encryption algorithm. Your whole data will be routed through CyberGhost VPN servers with highest encryption. There will be no chance of your exposure but if you submit your personal info by yourself to some scam offer. One year use of CyberGhost Classic VPN will cost you €50 but with 40% off Emsisoft security product, you will get it free. In CyberGhost Classic VPN, monthly you will get 20GB of data transfer at high bandwidth and when you will cross this limit, you will be connected at 512Kb/s without any other limitations.

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You see Emsisoft security products banners at the end of each article where you can see 40% discounts. Clicking on the respective product banner, which you need, will take you to the related 40% discounted product page. OR Click on below links:

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8 Responses

  1. Oliver says:

    Hi,Perti!This version of CyberGhost VPN is not a full as described. 2 GB File safe is not included,and if click to this option got a message ,,You need a valid Premium subscription,, Is this Classic VPN package is invalid subscription?? Funny,is just special promo,no full version.Regards.

    • Perti says:

      Hey Oliver,
      You did not mention that you had bought any of Emsisoft product or not. If you have bought any of Emsisoft security and you face this problem, you better discuss Emsisoft team. I only described what CyberGhost has mentioned on its website about Classic subscription. Premium subscription is different from classic and costs €79.99 yearly. Read more about CyberGhost VPN services HERE.

  2. Oliver says:

    Hi Perti,thanks for reply.Also can purchase CyberGhost VPN full Premium Plus subscription for 49 EUR per year,instead 118 EUR here – 🙂 Regards.

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    […] Free CyberGhost Classic VPN 1 Year With All Emsisoft Products 40% Off […]

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