Some Unorganized Thoughts and Not The Opinion – Goodbye 2011

Somewhere in the world people has already celebrated 2012 welcome ceremonies. Some are just going to celebrate it and there are who are waiting midnight anxiously just to celebrate start of 2012 in their own way. Have you celebrated or waiting – my wishes for your good luck in 2012 – may you get better than what you have wished for in 2011 – may you have peace of mind – may you help to kill hunger and poverty – may you equally treat all – may you have more courage to face bitter reality – may you guide others towards the right path – may you live happily and spread happiness – and more…

Some Unorganized Thoughts and Not The Opinion - Goodbye 2011

During the last week you may have already read a lot of short stories about the major news of 2011. At least I have read more than 300 articles during last week . Majority of articles were trying to cover Google, Apple, Samsung, Android, iOS, etc. They were trying to tell the people trends about tech advancement. They were trying to compare Android and iOS. They were trying to create a scene of real battle between Apple and Samsung. They were trying to kick Google out and pull Microsoft in mobile market at any cost. A few were ridiculously trying to buried Google and its business. Some tried to compare Apple with hell. A number of writers tried to create opinion at no opinion. After reading all of this, I could only say: Come on! what the heck is in your mind.

I got my own opinion but I am not going to waste your time tangling you with my thoughts. Just a few words about what was mostly came out from the software industry for home users using Windows OS. Remember: Home Users. What I am going to write is depending upon what I saw and it is not based on any other persons conclusion.

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There were two major industries,during 2011, of software field, which were at boom: Audio Video DVD Rippers and Windows Registry Cleaners. Every other software vendor tried to convince the world that these DVD Rippers are the most important happenings and everybody should take it. I saw more than 30 clone DVD rippers with different names. This means one ripper in every two weeks. It looked like one single person or team has got funds to rip the world. They were having same features and layout but a bit difference in color.

I do not remember exactly how many registry cleaner I saw. At least, there were 50 emails in my Inbox telling me about 50 different registry cleaners and they all wanted to be reviewed. I tried to test four or five and got busted my PC. Others were just went to I do not know where but not in my email anymore. Why suddenly people needed so many registry cleaners that every programmer was creating this junk? Home users already got many reliable and a few wonderful PC maintenance tools like TuneUp Utilities, CClaner and others.

Browser world was at real war. Three major players, of which one is at top and other two were trying to capture the second position. You should think to use Firefox or Chrome instead of IE. Few days back a news were spread like fire in jungle that Chrome is now the 2nd most used browser passing Firefox with fraction.  The company, which claimed this, provides stats collection services to websites and not even 10% of total websites use their services. There were at least 30 different top blogs reporting this but they did not dare to validate the claim with their own stats. At least 10 of these blogs has 1 million hit every day and one is getting not less than 5 million visitors. Spreading misinformation at the name of information is not a good business. I have already shown my doubts about 2nd position of Chrome.

In Chrome’s official blog they wroteSanta is getting some help from the Chrome Web Store elves who have already started delivering the gifts of gaming to more than 200 million Chrome users” mentioning 200 million users of Chrome. I did not see any other official or unofficial claim passing this border for number of Chrome users. There is also no data bout Firefox number of users. ComputeLogy is not very famous blog and I know our blog stats may have no value when comparing with those huge tech traffic blogs but I know the stats will not have much difference. ComputeLogy stats photo given below can make the famous browsers among our visitors. Why Google has made an agreement of payment of $1 Billon with Mozilla Corp. for using Google as default search engine for the next three years because they know where they are standing. There is nothing against Google. I am very thankful to Google because they create valuable competitive products and services. I am just exercising my rights to know the truth which these big tech blogs kills because they dominate the tech news section.

Some Unorganized Thoughts and Not The Opinion - Goodbye 2011

One thing which is still out of catch why 40% articles from top tech blogs are always based on rumors. Why they write the praising articles about the product which has not been publicly released, yet, even the author has not used such product. During last week, they were writing what they have seen in 2011 and what they are expecting in 2012. None wrote to spread less rumor and more facts. They sell rumors and we buy it. Is it right?

I have so many questions. I do not know answers of any of these questions. Why Apple and Microsoft do not sue Google over Android for patents war? Why they follow the Android device makers instead of Android owner? If Android has copied (doubted) something, did not Apple and Microsoft do same in the past? No tolerance for competition, just destroy the opposition. Whether you agree or not but I see that ANDROID IS THE FUTURE. Not your smart devices but I am sure main servers and super computers are, too, going to use Android. You home appliances as well as factories will be using Android for their daily office to production operations. Android has just started crawling and it is just the matter of time. Why? because Android is free, flexible, feature rich, competitive, open source, thousands of volunteer programmers, coders and designers: simply COMMUNITY BASE OS.

Oh! if I continue writing, I am sure you will not come back. I am finishing this article here as unfinished. You can disagree (do not expect my reply).

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9 thoughts on “Some Unorganized Thoughts and Not The Opinion – Goodbye 2011”

  1. I find your article and honesty refreshing. And I only disagree with your thought that we won’t come back if you continue writing. Tell me more. Also wishing you a Happy New Year best the very best in 2012.

  2. Very good article, and I agree.  More of your thoughts in future articles would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your site and the work you put into it.

    Happy New Year!

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  3. Very good article, and I agree.  More of your thoughts in future articles would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your site and the work you put into it.

    Happy New Year!

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