Install Over 80 Free Apps With A Single Small Ninite App

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2 Responses

  1. chuck (detailer) says:

    The downside to this method is not being able to opt out of all the crapware that so many of our favorite freebies have bundled in their installers these days.Not to mention how many will try to insert themselves into the start menu and run at boot.So,the time you save is now spent with Revo trying to remove this junk,( some of it will not go without a fight),and then use something like Anvir Task Manager to kill all auto boot apps.I know what I want,and I’ll take the time to install it manually to avoid problems like these down the road,thank you

    • Perti says:

      I am agree that some freeware have Crapware like ASK toolbar which has not been asked to install or uninstall during installation process of freeware through Ninite. It is because of our behavior. We will spend hundred dollars on a shareware but will not donate 10 dollars to the same kind of freeware. We need to change our habits. I have seen an interesting behavior: Nero is a big name. Everybody wanna buy their burning studio though they know it is full of junk. Now see, they have had a free Nero BurnLite (now Kwik Media) which was also packed with ASK toolbar. Do they need it? They are greedy but we will feed them.

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