Get Free Wise Registry Cleaner Pro 6.15 And Wise Disk Cleaner Pro 6.15 Genuine License Key

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10 Responses

  1. kostas says:

    Thanks, works like a charm!Top programs both.

  2. kostas says:

    Thanks, works like a charm!Top programs both.

  3. rch says:

    I’m afraid you’re a bit behind the times, these have been up for weeks and originally they were fakes as they put up the free version as the pro one. 
    It may be the real versions now but don’t expect any kind of email because as you know the software doesn’t need a key and the your details page does nothing at all.

    • Admin says:

      Thank you for clearing the stuff. I knew earlier, they were giving their freeware as Pro that’s why I did not wrote about that. I also knew that in between, they stopped giving their software though the giveaway page was active. One valuable visitor Zsolt informed me about this a long time ago but at that time the promo was not active, I skipped it.
      These two photos are from my computer after installation. These clearly say: Professional. I was expecting eMail from them because they are collecting the eMails. I think, I should credit Zsolt for a long time early hint. 😉

  4. Informatique Interne says:

    Does not work: after submitting my mail, I only get an empty page with “Please check your email!” and nothing in my mail/spam account …

    • Admin says:

      It is working. I used Firefox. Also try to use some new eMail which has not been already registered with them.

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