Get Free novaPDF v7.4.x Standard Desktop (Save $39.95)

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30 Responses

  1. Devnullius says:

    Great, but I do not have the Computer Bild installer? : ( 

    If anyone has a working binary for me, please post : )
    Thank you.

    • Admin says:

      You do not need ComputerBild installer. The license will work on normal official installer.

      • Devnullius says:

        Nope, I get invalid license every time. I do have the Light version installed – but that shouldn’t interfere?

        Too bad, I’d really like to have it – these are the official gems that are hard to come by without money ; p

  2. Bionic says:

    Thanks Perti, I do have a pro license already.. butI for one knows how often it begins here at computelogy.comI use software automation such as website-watcher tracking blogs & feeds.You shouldn’t worrie so much about it thus your subscribers knows where it came from.

  3. Remsen5612 says:

    Mayby they changed something…
    Doesn`t work with official installer. I checked it twice 🙁

  4. Starlight Dreamwalker says:

    Hi Perti

    Thanks for the good promo advice, however I have the same problem as Remsen

    Trying to register the official installer many many times with proper Computer Bild name and proper license is rejected over and over and over again.

    No blame to you though just something new we need to learn

  5. Ruchir says:

    The key sent by mail will not work with your link given below.Tried many times.Probably there is something with your PC,like maybe you have uninstalled 7.0 std or so.Will not work on a clean system.It is most clearly stated by Nova that it will not work with default std. setup.It will work ONLY with the link like which is temporarily disclosed to its magazine buyer.Or any reader will have to upload it first.Nova always keeps giving its lite ver to all,never std or pro.I got curious and found trend intact.I have pro working licence which is better workingStill many thanks for your hard and intelligent work.You posted bcoz you think above installer will work.Never mind.It is still a SUPER site

    • Admin says:

      Hi Ruchir,
      I did not installed any of novaPDF product on this computer before installing this novaPDF Std 7. The license worked and at the time of 2nd update (as written in article), the license was working. The proof is the photo showing license registered to I tested and then wrote article.
      If I do not test, I make it clear in my articles.
      Thank you for your appreciation. It is always encouraging me to find and share more.

  1. 2018-02-04

    […] is no stranger to ThePerti readers. novaPDF has been on giveaway on many occasions (here, here, here and more). Now again, we have novaPDF promo. This time it is novaPDF Standard 8. Just remember, it […]

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