Free License Avira Internet Security 2012 Valid For 6 Months

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5 Responses

  1. Samuel says:

    You made some important remarks Perti, especially regarding the GUI and how it isn’t useful to people who have color-blindness. But, I have to accept that Avira has made great improvement with this 2012 product-line.

    • Perti says:

      I agree, they have improved the security as well as beauty. But GUI analysis was necessary to do because visually impaired are growing with growth of impurity.

  2. Grr says:

    interface is inspired by Norton AntiVirus and TuneUp Utilities

    and Bitdefender…

    looks like buttons are the fashion of 2012.


  3. Bindegal says:

    …BUT! It have a big problem… It does not let you keep cookies (the good ones), like when u set some configurations in google search as an example..
    That prob had pissed me off so badly here those days i had it installed.
    I hope they fix it very soon, else i go to TrendMicro 🙂

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