Comodo Internet Security Pro One Year License For Everyone

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Comodo is worldly known for its E-commerce solutions and SSL certifications.  It is famous among home users because of its long line of free products like AntiVirus, Firewall, Internet browser, Internet Security, Data backup and many other high quality software and I like it because of its Firewall and TimeMachine. Among all of its free security software, Comodo Firewall free is the best. This free version is ripped one and does not have WiFi security. But Comodo Internet Security Pro has WiFi protection. Well, like other Internet security software, Comodo Internet Security Pro (CIS Pro) is a complete security package come with AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, Firewall and many other useful easy to understand options to give you maximum security.

At this time of writing, Comodo Internet Security 2011 has four editions but CIS 2012 documents shows that there will be three future editions: : Premium (free), Pro and Complete. All three securities are sharing same core engine and have same security level. The main features like AntiVirus, Firewall are same but there are a few features which distinguish each other. Like Pro has GeekBuddy and Virus Free Guarantee while Complete has two more features like TrustConnect and 10GB online backup. Let’s see in details what we get with Free Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012 which normally costs 49.99$.

  • Keep Your PC Free of All Malware, Spyware, Viruses and Trojans: Breakthrough, patent-pending technology prevents all infections. 100%.
  • All-in-One Protection From Every Source of Infection: Defense for email, browsing & shopping, IM, external devices, downloads, gaming etc.
  • Award-Winning Firewall Keeps Personal Information Private: Blocks unauthorized access, unknown threats, even hacker attacks.
  • Protects All Data When You’re On-The-Go: TrustConnect Wi-Fi Data Encryption for defense against wireless information theft.
  • Immediate, Live Expert Virus Removal: Our Experts will clean your PC, uninstall old antivirus, and ensure your PC remains clean.
  • One-Click, Remote Help For All PC Issues, 24×7: Help with PC tune-up, software installation, parental control, printer settings etc.
  • Virus Free Guarantee: Covers your PC with up to $500 for repair costs, should your PC become infected with a virus or malware and we can’t restore you to working condition.

I will not make this article lengthy. To get your free one year genuine working license of Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012, you need to have CIS Pro 2011. If you got it during May, 2011 CIS 2011 Pro promo, it is OK. If not, get it now from the following address. This is fullversion trial of CIS 2011. You better be in hurry before Comodo pulls it out from there.

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I do not see official Comodo Internet Security 2012 product line on its website but do not worry, the installers are available on Comodo’s servers and there are also other websites which has genuine CIS Pro 2012 installers and you can download. Download CIS Pro 2012 from any of the following web address. [Update 21.10.11: CIS Pro 2012 is officially released. You can read more about its features Here. Also continue reading for promo.]

[x86 / 32-bit]

[x64 / 64-bit / amd64]

Good, you have downloaded both CIS Pro 2011 and CIS Pro 2012 installers. Now install Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011. You do not need to update your CIS 2011 because we are not going to use it. Run CIS Pro 2011 and look at tabbed menu. You will see a tab named More. Click on it and then click on About. This new window will be telling you about CIS Pro 2011 version but we will only copy the license key which is shown there. I will advise you to save the key for later use. You may need it.

Now, you do not need to uninstall CIS 2011 Pro. Simply, start installation of Comodo Internet Security 2012 Pro. It will uninstall CIS 2011 Pro and install CIS 2012 Pro. During installation, you computer may ask you to restart it for two or three times. It is normal process.

When you will start Comodo Internet Security 2012 Pro installation, on the first window, you will see that CIS 2012 Pro has automatically copied your license from CIS 2011 Pro. You do not need to enter your license manually. If you forget to save your license that time, now you have good chance again to save the license at safe place.  OK, you can continue installation as normal. There is nothing special in the installation process to tell you though it has new installation windows.

Complete the installation and you can see 365 days on your Comodo Internet Security 2012 Pro main window. Let me tell you that current version of Comodo Internet Security 2012 Pro is 5.8.

If you check About window under More tab, you can also find your license there.

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