Avira Free AntiVirus 2012 Released With Better Control And New Interface

Avira Free AntiVirus is one among the most trusted free security software for computers. In recent AntiVirus test at AV-Comparative.org, it ranked higher than many shareware scoring 99.5% by defeating freeware as well as shareware AntiViruses. G DATA AntiVirus (shareware £30) was the only one which stood first with 0.2% high score than Avira’s 99.5%. This a very little difference can be recovered with some free AntiMalware.

Yesterday, Avira released updated security software for year 2012. Avira’s Antivirus and Internet Security has new interface with improved security scanner and protection. I will only talk about Avira Free AntiVirus 2012 ( because it is freeware. As it has scored ADVANCED+ marking in recent AntiVirus test, I will not talk much about it detection rate rather few other features and improvements will be discussed.

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This time, in 2012 release of Avira Free AntiVirus, you will see a totally changed interface compared to old version. The first thing which you will notice is the package size. The old one was of 55MB but this new 2012 release is of 79MB. Further reading will show you why current Avira Free AV is larger than old one. In old version you could only see AntiVir Guard, Last Update, Activation Expiration and Last System Scan. But if you see Avira Free AV 2012, you will notice that it has a few greyed features which means these features are not available in freeware but just to impress user and to motivate to buy the full security package. Because of these inactive but included features, the installer is 24MB larger than old one.

It looks like this new Avira Free AntiVirus 2012 interface is inspired by Norton AntiVirus and TuneUp Utilities. You will see ON-OFF buttons instead of traditional check-boxes or radio buttons. Settings for particular feature can also be accessed by clicking gear icon beside the ON-OFF button. Though these button make the interface pretty and attracitve but are totally useless according to usability and accessibility perspective. Suppose, a color-blind person is using Avira 2012 and he/she (one) can not recognize red and green color. So, one will be depending on the text appearing at the main interface of Avira Free AV 2012. Avira may need to redisgn the main Interface. In settings, you will see check-boxes and radio buttons which are really easy and meaningful equally for everybody.

At last, Avira has listened the feedback and has done really big changes in Avira Free AntiVirus  behavior with user. If you have used Avira Free AV previously, you were forced to install adware ASK Toolbar. There was no way to skip this scary toolbar. But now the things are changed. The first thing you will notice during installation that Avira makes you master to decide the installation of ASK Toolbar. You want to install it or not , your decision. The other thing is you will not see big naggign banner reminding you , every now and then, to buy Avira AntiVir Pro or Avira Internet Security. But you will still see small message windows enrouraging you to buy Avira Pro products.

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Before installation, Avira Free AntiVirus 2012 may warn you of installed incompatible software like Emsisoft AntiMalware and ZoneAlarm Free Firewall. It is just a warning and you do not need to uninstall these software. Just install Avira Free AV and everything is OK. After installation, Avira will start configuration mode. You will be asked a few extra settings to adjust otherwise you need to adjust those settings from Avira’s Settings interface, so, better to do here. You will be asked about Heuristics, Threat category selection, normal start and secure start, etc. Configuration window can be accessed through Menu->Extras->Configuration. There is nothing changed in configuration except rearrangement of config-settings.

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Click the image to enlarge it.

Download and read more about Avira Free AntiVirus 2012 here:

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