Get Free UpdateStar Premium Edition 5.1.986 (Latest) For Six Months

Almost six months ago, I shared a CHIP magazine promo which offered you six months of UpdateStar Premium Edition. Now again, you have a chance to Get Free UpdateStar Premium Edition 5.1.986 For Six Months. Both promos gave you the full year of latest editions of UpdateStar Premium Edition of the time.
UpdateStar is in fact not only saves your time but also reduces your headache to search and download updates. To get updates of a particular software, you have to run it and check for updates or you go directly to the that software website to check new release.
It also has an integrated uninstaller which helps you to uninstall any installed program. Just like Add Remove Apps. Is it better than Revo Uninstaller? I do not think so.
UpdateStar can also help in cleaning registry. What about CCleaner? I recommend CCleaner.
The one good feature is it let you create a snap shot of your installed applications for backup purpose. This also helps you to export that snap shot to other system to save your precious time. Piracy?
You have to download updates manually even though you are using UpdateStar. Update Checker from also performs the same function and free of cost.
What I think, UpdateStar should have one more function: Driver updates. If they include driver update function along with installed program update, paying $30 will not be a big deal. But just to get updates of installed programs, this amount is not bearable. We can use free alternatives like to clean PC use CCleaner, find updates use Update Checker, to uninstall program more securely use Revo Uninstaller, etc.
Get Free n Registration:
This time PC WELT is offering six months of UpdateStar Premium Edition.
Open the following web address into your browser and fill an very short form. Write your eMail and Submit it.
(copy n paste web address into your browser)



Within seconds, you will receive your license through eMail. Check the following snap to locate your license. Save this license at some safe place because you will need it to register and activate UpdateStar Premium Edition.



Download UpdateStar Premium Edition and install it. Download installer from
(copy n paste web address into your browser)
After installation, run the program. You will get a message to get premium version. Just ignore it and cancel it. The following image is for your instructions. Now, go to menu tab Premium Edition (1), click on Enter License (2), make sure check box is clicked (3), write your eMail (4) (any eMail will work), copy n paste your license from eMail to the box (5) and finally press button OK (6). Let it connect to Internet to validate the license. To prevent mistakes better to copy n paste your license.
Your program will be registered for 6 months. Once again Enjoy six months of valid license of UpdateStar Premium Edition

Update 1: Here is one more address where you can ask for your registration license:

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