Update: Please read Comment 6 by Home User to solve the interface language problem.
Okay folks, a quick one here…first of all, i have never heard of this shareware before much less use it, so i can’t say much about how good or how bad it was, nor do i have the time to test it out although i got my license key all right. For all those who have never heard of Jaksta like i do, you can get some information straight out from its official site here.


From what the website has to tell us, apparently it is a 2-in-1 streaming media recorder and converter, on which it allows both the record and conversion of media files that may be originating from multiple sources, from the popular MySpace, DailyMotion & MetaCafe to some less known sources like LiveStream, XM Radio & even some news media streams like BBC! Jaksta claims itself as supporting many file format, including some pretty rare ones, as well as upholding itself as the fastest HTTP-based streaming media recorder, supports one-click conversion and is Windows Vista & 7 ready.

Whatever it is, it does sound a little interesting than your average streaming media recording software, isn’t it?

So, if you think this software is worth a go, hurry on and head to this promotion website. It’s in German, but no worries: all it ask from you is your name and e-mail address. In this following order, Select your gender (Herr means Mr, Frau means Ms), then fill in any first name and last name and finally, your email address (real one as usual). Press the orange Senden button & a mail containing your license key will be sent to you. Use that to activate Jaksta, which you can download it yourself from the official site.

If you find Jaksta either good or bad, do feel free to share your thoughts here!

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  • joe

    key does not work with download from official site

  • Bionic

    Vielen Dank Herr James =) 

  • Home User


    Thanks for the info for the Free License Key for Jaksta!

    FYI, Download link for Jasta per email that was sent with Product Key:


    • Michael

      Is there any version for x64-systems to download, which work for this key?

      Thanks a lot….

      • Perti

        Sorry, do not know. Someone else may help.

        • Belac Tsad

          They don’t happen to have this for mac do they. I know Jaksta has a Mac version the program is just so
          expensive. Any help will be appreciative.

  • LA-dude

    thanks for the info CompuTelogy. Program looks really promising per developer's description on the product web page, but unfortunately the installer from the link provided with the license key seems to be in German or some sort of language like that which avoided me to install the product. So far now I don't speak that beautiful language right now

    any workarounds for this problem?

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  • billy13

    It is not the latest version….!!!

  • Home User

    I found this posted by bowlby4 at another site. Credit goes to him.

    and install the the English version. Copy the language file
    C:Program FilesJakstaStreaming Media Recorderdejlang.resources.dll
    to a temp directory. Uninstall the English version. Install
    the German version and copy the English language file over the German language file.

    Worked for me. I entered the license code and it was accepted.

    Home User Note: Go to Jaksta.com and download previous version 3.1.6. It is English. When you install it pay attention on the steps you take to install. It will help you later when you install German version. Once you replace the language file in the German version to get English, then you can register with key that was emailed to you.

    Hope this helps.

    Admin: Than you Home user for you nice tip. This will solve the interface lang problem. Guess what? I was expecting someone to write about it. You did it. 🙂

    • Bradley

      How do you download the German version? Where do you go???

    • Bradley

      Better yet, can you PLEASE provide the link to the previous 3.1.6 version in German? I can’t find it.

    • Victoria

      Hello, do you know the key, I cant find it. Thanks.

  • genesis

    nice work!!!!!!!! i hve been lookin for this type of product and now i got it…thanx

    • bill

      What version number is this? I'd like to find out before I install. I'm hoping for version 3.1.8 , as version 4 is after merger with Applian Technologies (i.e. Replay Media products) and has lost some functions. Jaksta 4 and Replay Media Catcher 4 are the same except for a couple of extra functions in Media Catcher and very minor differences in user interfaces. (I already have Replay media Catcher 4.0.5, 3.11, and 3.01) Your reply will be appreciated.

  • bill

    P.S. Even though I don't need Jaksta version 4, it is a very good video downloading application and well worth it's price, so FREE is really worthwhile.

  • Home User


    Version is

  • jelson


    I believe this is ver. 2.0.13  (same one pro.de gave away on their 2009 Advent calendar)

  • John smith

    Hi there,
    I need the code for the jacksta program for mac, can’t seem to find it here. Please help. version 1.2.2 us

    John Smith