Hi Friends, many of you know about CHIP.com AdventsKalender in which CHIP.com team is used to offer 24 different high quality, costly software. This Adventskalender starts every year on 1st of December and ends on 24th of December. Normally, the offered software are always newly released. They shared Cyberlink DVD Suite 7 Centra, Paragon Partition Manager 10 Personal, EVEREST Ultimate Edition 4.6, etc. I hope this time again they will have some good software. Let’s see it from December 01 to December 24, 2010.

If you want to know one day before what they are going to offer, you can simply get their Twitter feeds or join them on Facebook. I will also try to write about their offers. You can access CHIP Adventskalender page here:


  • hans

    Thanks 4 your info Perti,
    I always like the “freebi” quality software.

  • peterb

    Hi Perti 🙂
    Thanks for the info.
    I got a couple of great things from there last year.
    Best Regards

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    • jelson

      Big thanks!!!

      A lot of great stuff last year from Chip.de

      I hope you also track the Advent Calendars from other companies as well. I think there were about half a dozen of them last year (including Acronis where I got the TrueImage Plus Pack for free!)

      Thanks again.

  • fredi

    giveme the url download catalog, 1-24 please

  • Aka Bella

    Good find! Thank you as every time!