Get Your Free 90-Days Genuine Norton Internet Security 2010 Now!

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5 Responses

  1. PortSkae says:

    Really? is this a good alternative now?i mean, it has NEVER been a GREAT av, but.. ok, if you say so ;)also.. my license of avira premium security suite is coming to its end u.u do you have another link to a promotion licence? ^^ here all it says is "We're sorry but this promotion isn't available in your region" . . . :@ and i definetly do NOT like it =Pthnks for the AV see you later 🙂

  2. TECHGEEK says:

    @ Anonymous – Norton AV has made its performance better but my favorite is still BitDefender AV. Give it a try. Compare both, and choose one. Try to not to test every AV. Keep one and you will be safe.

  3. Aamir says:

    I bought a legal copy of Norton AV 2008 and used it for 4 months. After that time I felt something unusual and uninstalled it and checked my computer with Avira and it came up with 22 viruses…!!!Anyway, I hope Norton has improved and again I am going to give it a try but I would still use Avira if you get us the license like you did almost 6 months back.Thanks for the peace of mind for the last 6 months.Take care

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