[UPDATE] BufferZone is freeware now. Read more about it HERE. [/UPDATE] Computer security: Physical or Virtual is very important. The major reason to use computer security is to secure our valuable data stored in computer. Fortunately, personal computer security software are not much expensive and a person (not student or unemployed. lol) can easily afford it. Virtual security software are like Internet security software (BitDefender, Kaspersky, Norton, Panda, etc), virtual environment software (Sandboxie, BufferZone) and some sort of alarming software (LAlarm) to prevent physical theft.
BufferZone is The Best Companion of your Internet Security Software. If you remember, sometime ago I wrote about LAlarm (Free for personal use and recommended). Read LAlarm again to get one more security layer. The triangle of these software can be a best security package for your computer.
BufferZone creates a buffer (virtual wall) around any application which is accessing Internet e.g. Internet Browsers, P2P applications, messengers, etc. By creating a buffer, it is in fact securing your computer from being attack by any Malware.
When you run an application inside BufferZone, you will see a Red-Border around the application which indicates that a buffer is created and now whatever you with that window, no Malware is gonna harm you.
Grab It:
This is PC-Welt magazine promo which enables you to Grab your free copy of BufferZone Pro.
Open the following URL into your browser and download BufferZone Pro. Install it.
After installation, use promo-code 890A-EE1B-9E3A-D884 to register your free copy.


When first time you will run the program, a registration window will open as shown in the snap below, just fill it as guided. You need to be connected to Internet when registering.

Enjoy it.

Warning: May not work properly on Windows 7.